Orphanage for kids and children living with hiv/aids


Children & kids living with HIV/AIDS and other disabilities.

HIV/AIDS Orphanage Thailand for children living with  “hiv-aids-kids” need your help, hiv/aids is no longer a death sentence with your help they have a chance at life.

We need your help. Can you spare these HIV/AIDS orphans a Dollar?

Children living with HIV/AIDS and other disabilities in South East Thailand at

The Camillian Social Center Rayong.

Kids with the HIV/AIDS Virus and Disabilities.

Children living with HIV/AIDS

hiv/aids orphanage in rayong thailand

Children living with HIV/AIDS need your Help

Can you spare them a Dollar.

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In Remembrance of JOM who lost his fight for life on the 13th of August 2014.

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HIV/AIDS orphanage Events and childrens outings

In Remembrance of NewП who lost her fight for life on the 27th of January 2011.

HIV/AIDS orphanage Events and childrens outings

In Remembrance of Christopher Quinn more commonly know as Quinny who died suddenly on the 5th of February 2011 in Rayong Thailand.  

58 years RIP 

The photo is on the occasion of a cheque presentation to Fr, Giovanni for the children of the Camillian Social Center Rayong. He will be sadly missed by all including the children.  

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This video says everything.

Children living with HIV/AIDS
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Coming soon

We were all overjoyed to welcome our new Director Father Joey on the 1st of July 2018.

Father Yorkim will join our management group latter in the week. He has to move his personal effects from his last position in Chang Rai.


New Sponsorship Program

Over our three sights, (Chid Care Center, Independant Living Center & Rehabilitation Center) we incurred a cost of  3,214,240 Thai Baht ($107,141 USD) in 2014 for Maintenance and Utility Bills.

Therefore we are asking for benefactors to help us meet these costs.

We hope to find people who care to support us by sending 1,000 THB (aprox-$31.00USD) per month to help with these costs.

However all donations are welcome.

All methods of payment can be found here http://www.hiv-aids-kids.org/helpkidswithhiv.html











Upcoming Events


Hope to see you and all your friends on the day. All bike are welcome the more the better.

Any more information you need please just send me an email on aidskids@hotmail.com

The Camillian Social Center (CSC) Rayong started it’s activities in 1994 and is one of the first centers opened in Asia to accommodate and help sick orphaned children living with HIV/AIDS.
Today the CSC Rayong is a wonderful example of integration and of activities to fight the problem of HIV/AIDS with 8 projects scattered in the south-east region of Thailand where about 7.000.000 people are living and 150.000 of them have HIV/AIDS.
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Children living with HIV/AIDS Children living with HIV/AIDS Children living with HIV/AIDS
Children living with HIV/AIDS Children living with HIV/AIDS

A mini day out in Pattaya for our children that remain at home in the Camillian Social Center Rayong each day while the rest are at local school.  

Top Left Photo : We have Ben 2, Nue 2, Ben, and not least Tip. Ben 2 arrived at the center in June 2010, so it will be at least May 2011 before we can think about sending him to school. This depends on how well he is at that time. Nue 2 arrived at the center in early 2010 and was very sickly at that time having to be wheeled around the center in a wheel chair. I am very glad to say that her condition has improved a great deal since then. Like wise with Ben when he arrived he could not eat and spent a month in the Palliative Care Unit and again is now doing very well. Tip was here when I arrived at the center in 2006 and was extremely unwell with her lungs. Only in the last year has she really begun to pick up and you see her running around with the other children today.

Children living with HIV/AIDS